DelRey Face Facial Feminization Hero


One of the most effective ways to make a dramatic change to your look is with facial feminization surgery (FFS). With this surgery, subtle changes are made to bring stunning results for both cisgender and transgender women who want to soften or remove masculine features and highlight feminine features. Just a few examples of the possibilities available with facial feminization procedures are to reduce forehead size, contour the forehead, lower the hairline, slim down the jawline, craft fuller rosebud lips, soften the nose profile, lift eyelids, and shave down the Adam’s apple.

Our surgical team are experts at identifying the optimal approach for each indivdual we work with. We carefully guide our patients through the process of designing the features that will most enhance their appearance. By using advanced surgical techniques such as Type 3 forehead feminization reduction cranioplasty and scarless rhinoplasty, we achieve impactful, natural-looking results that most doctors cannot. Our FFS surgeons in Los Angeles will work with absolute precision to bring out a beautiful new you.

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