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For many people, breasts are quintessentially feminine and are a defining characteristic of the female form. For this reason, breast augmentation is often one of the first things considered by people going through a male-to-female transition. Because there is such a strong association with breasts and femininity, this procedure can give trans women a dramatic boost in self-esteem and comfort in their bodies. Breast augmentation surgery, sometimes called MTF top surgery, is a great option to consider when hormone replacement therapy hasn’t led to sufficient breast development.

The procedure is not just about making the breasts larger, but can also be used to perfect their shape, lift, and fullness. This type of surgery is extremely common and very safe, with a relatively short recovery time and low risk of complications. There are different techniques used to do breast augmentation as well as different types of implants, and your doctor will work with you to decide what type of procedure will give you the best results possible.

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